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Re: Ideas for future Updates

Post by paulmo101 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:16 pm

Hope this thread is still active.
I would really like to see a search and scan facility with SDRUNO.
Search between 2 frequencies and store active to a memory bank. Option to only stay on active frequency for say 5 seconds for activity analysis.
Store data on active frequencies maybe PDF or similar or within memory bank - Time stamp, Frequency, strength etc. Ability to record audio would be icing on the cake.
Scan stored memory banks - Channels within banks currently have a yes or no field to enable or disable when scanning within that bank so that's a great start. Would like to add Ability to link banks to scan more than 1 bank at a time, also data collection as above, ability to only stay on active channel only for a few seconds and then move on to gauge traffic. Icing on cake again voice recording directly to hard drive.
Not sure if above is possible but coming from a scanning, not Ham, background the above would be great for my use.
Maybe make scanning features a premium version of Uno with a cost to cover developers time? Or even standalone version?
Thanks fore reading
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Re: Ideas for future Updates

Post by Paul » Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:20 pm

Although I really appreciate the pressures the software team is under (I can only imagine), perhaps consideration could be given to introducing individual squelch settings in the upcoming scanning option (if feasible), planned to be introduced in version 1.3.
To clarify this, having used the excellent SDR# software and Frequency Management Suite Scanner, I find that it falls short of the scanning feature of, for instance, Winradio as early as the late 1990's, which halted a scan in response to an individually set squelch level for a particular frequency being exceeded, rather than a signal exceeding a universally set level, although an option existed to set a universal squelch level (quick and dirty), which performed similarly to the SDR# FMS version.
Whilst a universal level is less trouble for an operator to set, it is in fact far less effective than individual squelch levels and of course less reliabe.
Of course a "linear or sweep" scanner, rather than a "stepping" one would really blow any opostion away!
And thanks for a thoroughly excellent product all round - not least the support provided.

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Re: Ideas for future Updates

Post by buzzme258 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:50 am

First, thank you developers and tech support.

Use "+" and "-" for zooming and RBW instead of "<" and ">".
Add more "tooltips" when hovering over buttons, for example, the buttons on the Main SP.
A glossary of terms in the user manual
A glossary of initialisms in the user manual. As a beginner, I struggle to learn the lingo.
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Re: Ideas for future Updates

Post by DerekH » Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:17 pm

I'd love to see better support for tuning on a laptop keyboard.

How about 3 pairs of keys. For instance s & x, d & c, f & v, or whatever is not in use for other things. Each pair does tune up/tune down but each pair has a different step size like 10kHz, 1kHz and 100Hz. Even better if the steps were user programmable. Also good if these were permanently mapped to the vfo without having to bring a window into focus.

This would make tuning much easier on a laptop without having to plug in a mouse with a scroll wheel.

73's Derek
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