Installation note for remote users

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Installation note for remote users

Post by OH2BUA » Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:14 am


this is for other remote operators, I mean if you don't have physical access to your RSP and host computer - and therefore found difficult to follow the installation requirements like "unplug all RSP devices before continuing" and "be sure that RSP is connected before you start...".

Do NOT upgrade if you don't have a real power OFF/ON control to the computer as well as the RSP (they might be fed from different power supply, if you have an externally powered USB hub in between).

That is because just reboot is not enough. You are not going to 'find' your RSP after that.

But if you have power control: After installing the new version of SDRuno, make a complete power OFF/ON restart for both the computer and the RSP - and, then it should work fine again, at least for me it did.

BTW, for remote power control I use this gadget:

73, Jukka

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