Best settings for a slow laptop

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Best settings for a slow laptop

Post by johnhlong » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:09 am

I know I need a better laptop but for now ……..

I have an older Acer Aspire One with 1.5 Gb RAM, running two displays.
I am trying to run SDRuno V1.22 or V1.23 on a SDRPlay RSP2, N3FJP'c AC Log, Omnirig, VSPE and a Winkeyer (I gave up trying to add CW Skimmer in also) for the upcoming Field day.
I am hoping to show off what a SDRPlay receiver can do to the new club I joined.

(Believe it or not, I managed to get everything (except CW Skimmer) linked up and talking together).
The transceiver is an ICOM-735. It may be old but it has a full RF receive output on the back so it is realy easy to connect my RSP2 to it.

My hope is to find a combinations of settings that will run good enough for Field Day.
As it stands (default settings) SDRuno load hovers about 36-39% and system loads hovers around 89-94%.
As you can guess, the setup stutters a lot.

If I mute SDRuno, enable the transceivers audio and just use SDRuno to spot signals it kind of works for me.
It would be 200% better if I could use the SDRuno audio output (If it didn't stutter).

Any suggestions for SDRuno settings to help to lower the system load?
I tried HDSDR but for the little bit of system load gain (It still studders) I seemed to be giving up too much functions that SDRuno offers.

Nephi, Utah

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Re: Best settings for a slow laptop

Post by glovisol » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:08 am

Hi John,

You obtain the smallest load on the PC system by keeping the value in the SR window to 2 (minimum bandwith) and the highest value possible in the Decimation window.

Since you wish to run a contest, where a system stop would make you lose a lot of time, please be aware that prolonged system overload may lead to API failure. If this happens you would have to de-install and then re-install the RDSuno software as explained in my post: ... =11&t=3311



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