Mouse in panadapter mode

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Mouse in panadapter mode

Postby jrsdrplayer » Tue Jul 31, 2018 6:35 pm

Um... ah... searching archived messages, someone said we cannot mouse-click to tune transceiver and RSP1a together when in panadapter mode. Apparently we can do that when running the RSP1a as a stand-alone receiver, but not in panadapter mode.

Is this STILL correct?

If so, much the pity, but it is what it is. (I am just not sure what it is!) ;-)

Sidebar Observation: Apparently one can do this with other software, but the more I use SDR-UNO the more I like it. It is rather complicated - but I am NOT complaining - that would be sorta like saying your new sports car has too much engine or corners too tightly. ;-)

I enjoy the RSP1a, although I would like to mouse around in panadapter mode. (Of course, I would like to have more money, and more bourgon, and more ... I figure it does not hurt to ask !) ;-) ;-)

Any traction? THANKS !!! K8JHR
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