Showing of Frequencies And Decimal(s) Protocols ?

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Showing of Frequencies And Decimal(s) Protocols ?

Postby Robert11 » Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:58 pm

New user.
Trying to learn this incredible piece of software.

I downloaded eibi.

a. When I see a number in the memory manager such as: 12709000 is this MHz ?

The number of digits showing, and the placement of the decimal does not seem to be the same all the windows, or consistent.
What is the structure/protocol for showing frequency digits in all of the windows ?
e.g., the decimal always appears after...? MHz ?
if there are two decimals, where do they appear ? e.g. first one MHz ?

b. When i try to change in the window where you enter frequencies, when I click on
a digit that I simply want to change,I sometimes I get an empty yellow bordered box. What is this, please ?

c. And in the memory manager, with eibi downloaded to it, any way to have
a column showing language ?


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