Two Virtual Audio Cable for RSPDuo in Windows 10

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Two Virtual Audio Cable for RSPDuo in Windows 10

Post by MTG » Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:06 am

I have used a windows 7 laptop that ran two Virtual Audio Cables from the two tuners of RSPDuo with no problems. However, the laptop was not fast enough and I am trying to transition to a new windows 10 PC. I've got problems setting up the windows audio options to do the same thing. Is there anyone who has come to grips with Win 10 audio could talk me through this please?

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Re: Two Virtual Audio Cable for RSPDuo in Windows 10

Post by GrumpyCyborg » Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:02 am

Well I have a slightly different config in window ten.

Internal sound card (realtek sound using inbuilt mixer basically a virtual cable)
USB sound card
Virtual Cable

I am using the USB sound card as my system sound device with a set of speakers.

The realtek and virtual cable are for SDRplay.

I have plugged a set of headphones into my internal sound card just so I can hear it if I wish.

Turn off any monitoring on your virtual cable drivers this will just mix up audio between devices and will create very confusing waterfalls.

You need to get each RX audio output set up then stop and play sdruno in the main panel to get the RX audio output sent to the relevant audio device.

Get your software running and listening to the output of the appropiate audio inputs from your audio devices.

Save your workspace in sdruno.

There is a trap here ! Stop and restart SDRuno application you might find that the output device for each RX has been changed. I suspect that when SDRuno application restarts its not restoring the sound output device back to the relevant reciver but probably stepping through the audio device list and assigning on a first found basis. No matter. Reconfig your data software to the appropiate sound device (and CAT control if you set this up) current configured in the RX's dont change them from this as SRuno will just change them back next time you restart SDRuno. This is what happened for me. It might not be the case for you just check it all out.

Shut all the software down and restart, it should all come back working mine does. I have three recivers two copies of WSJTX running FT8 and WSPR both with CAT control. I use the main RX 0-00 through the USB soundcard to external speakers and tune into what ever I like with that one.

It took me a while to work out what was going on but I have running.

Good Luck and Happy New Year.
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