Rig sync using OMNIRIG

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Rig sync using OMNIRIG

Post by KA4CDN » Fri Feb 22, 2019 12:55 pm

I have been using SDRUNo w/ OMNIRIG for a few years now and I'm about to toss SDRuno because of one very irritating feature that I can only assume is a design issue.

SDRuno seems to continuously send frequency and mode commands to OMNIRIG even if nothing is changed in SDRuno, no buttons clicked, no clicks on the spectrum, nothing.

Where this is really the most annoying is when I'm manually tuning the rig. I'm slowly turning the VFO trying to zero in on a faint station and the rig frequency will jump back to a prior value. Doesn't happen often but enough that it makes you want to scream.

Another example, with SDRuno LO LOCK on, if I change the rig mode or frequency, SDRuno sets it back to what it was. Sometimes it does it almost immediately, sometimes it takes a few seconds. Again it is a big problem if I'm trying to jump to a spot location from my logger program.

Same thing when I start SDRuno. Now maybe there is a fix for this that I've not found but when I start it it also synch my rig with it has in memory.

I've tried using SDR Console and it does not exhibit this design. It only sends a command to OMNIRIG when the user clicks or double clicks on a control. Otherwise it is only listening. At times I resort to turning RSYN1 off which really cobbles the software functionality.

I'm using SDRuno version 1.22. To me it should only send a change frequency, change band or change mode command when the user explicitly commands it and never anytime other.

If I'm doing something wrong or have something configured wrong I'm all ears and humbly apologize for the rant. I absolutely love SDRPlay and except for this SDRuno. The pair make a great band scope addition to my station.


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