SDRuno Decoding Stuff Automatically...and Magic Boy

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SDRuno Decoding Stuff Automatically...and Magic Boy

Postby VE9DAN » Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:49 pm

Now this may be a bit extreme.

Whatif SDRuno could decode FT8, RTTY, PSK31. CW, JS8Call, Contestia, and say Olivia 16/500 ... perhaps in a pop-up window.
I click on a CW signal, and a magic window pops up to decode it. I click on another CW signal, the window stays, and decodes.
I close the CW digital window.
I click on a RTTY signal, and once again Magic Boy window pops up. As long as I stay on the current Mode, then the decode is in effect.
Then I click on Olivia, using RSID/RXID, el Magic Boy again window adopts. Maybe it is 250 Hz wide, or 500 Hz wide. It could even be 1000 Hz wide on 14.106 for the Euros. Whatever signal I click on, Magic Boy adopts.

I believe the World could not supply enough raw materials to build sufficient SDRplay requirements.

If this idea even approaches PSK31, then FL Mike gets a trip on SpaceX or Virgin.

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