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V1.32 Audio Issues w/Windows 10, version 1903?

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 2:28 pm
by raiderpig
I have been successfully running the latest SDRuno V1.32 (9th July, 2019). I use a SoundBlaster Audigy FX soundcard and have both SDRuno L & R channels playing through it. Yesterday, Win 10 automatically installed its latest update to V1903 and I am experiencing the following audio issues:

1) AM stations are now muffled and unlistenable with both L & R SDRuno outputs On. I can get decent audio if I choose either channel, but not with both chosen.

2) Broadcast FM music does work with both L & R On, but the quality is slightly less than before. However, when an announcer's voice is heard, the voice is very distorted and hard to listen to. Switching to either L or R outputs, the voice is fine.

I've checked my soundcard drivers and the SDRuno WME Output Device and they are correct (as before the Win10 update). Various settings of the the RF Gain and other SDRuno controls do not improve the audio.

Has anyone else experienced this type of issue? I will be very grateful for all assistance!

Thank you,

Rick, K6HOM

Re: V1.32 Audio Issues w/Windows 10, version 1903?

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 2:40 am
by raiderpig
After much sleuthing, problem resolved.

The Win10 update "updated" my soundcard driver to an OLDER version than what I had installed!!!! Re-installed the correct driver and all is well once again. This older driver wasn't even on my PC!

First time that I have had a SDRuno issue after a Win10 update, hope that it is my last!


Rick, K6HOM

Re: V1.32 Audio Issues w/Windows 10, version 1903?

Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 2:45 pm
by m3ozp1
I have my SDR for about 2 years now. Never could get it to work. No matter what computer I used. I've tried laptops even a brand new computer and I have never picked up a single think with it, and the audio stutters. so i give up it's too bloody frustrating.

Thank god you can still get analogue receivers. damn site more reliable than all this modern digital stuff. You switch it on, tune to the freq you want and there it is. no messing around with programmes and software, good in theory but not good in practice.

so it's getting slung back in the draw to gather dust then in a few years time when it's gathered enough dust in the bin it goes.

I must have drawer full of crap that has never worked.

Goodby digital, hello old analogue.

another £90 down the pan.

Re: V1.32 Audio Issues w/Windows 10, version 1903?

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 3:54 pm
by g1hbe
M3ozp - if you have never picked up anything, how does the audio stutter? Anyway, on to your problem. Have you raised a support ticket with the guys at SDRPlay? They are very helpful and they usually sort out any problems within minutes. Normally there is no 'messing about' with software, you just install SDRUno (nothing else required) and away you go.
We were all noobs at SDR once upon a time and it can seem strange and daunting, but EVEN I succeeded first time out of the box, and I have the nickname 'Captain Brick'.
Don't give up, The SDRPlay RX's usually work straight away. I'm sure a quick note to the support dept will get you going and you'll soon be wondering how you managed without an SDR.
I grew up with homebrew TRF's and then Trio R1000's and other analogues, but these SDR's really opened my eyes.