Recording by CAT command

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Recording by CAT command

Postby OH2BUA » Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:04 am


nice that there's a new forum for this subject. I'm a lot after shack automation.

I'll start straight ahead with a feature request for SDRuno:

- A CAT command to start recording.
- A CAT command to stop recording.

Why I'm interested in those?

To automatically kick on recording when good propagation conditions are detected (by using external homebrew software). And to stop recording when the conditions drop. I mean wideband IQ-recodings, not just audio, so VLC or Audacity or alike are not acceptable solutions.

Right now this can be made by using command line control for HDSDR, but not by using SDRuno.

73, Jukka

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Re: Recording by CAT command

Postby sdrplay » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:18 am

Hi Jukka,

Just wanted to confirm that this functionality will be in SDRuno 1.3 as follows...

RE; // return recording stats
RE0; // stop recording
RE1; // start recording
RE4; // pause recording

return codes:

RE0000; // stopped
RE0001; // recording
RE0002; // paused
RE0006; // set command failure

A call to any of the functions will trigger a return code to be sent back.

I've tried to make this in keeping with the RE function I've seen on compatible Kenwood devices.

Best regards,


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Re: Recording by CAT command

Postby OH2BUA » Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:23 am

Hi Andy,

that's very nice to hear, thanks in advance!

This opens nice possibilities to externally trigger SDRuno recording.

As I'm familiar with CAT scripting, I can code something for my own purposes which uses SDRuno for listening, then WSJT-X for decoding and then a script to kick SDRuno recording when nice propagation takes place. I hope that some real programmer also gets interested, so one day we might have a general purpose application to use that idea.

As I have an endless queue of needed new features, let me add this which now rises up: Possibility to select antenna input (RSP2/RSPduo) by a CAT command. Temporary workaround may be to keep three instances of SDRuno running and then use the chosen one to record... but that's a bit clumsy, as also three virtual serial port channels are needed.

73, Jukka

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