Yaesu FT2000 synchronize with SDRUno

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Yaesu FT2000 synchronize with SDRUno

Post by Rafa3215 » Wed May 15, 2019 11:58 am

Hi friends
My name is Rafael S. Lopez and I am a Spanish radio ham with call sign EA5TV and I have been using Rsp 1A for a long time, which I am very satisfied with.
Previously I have been using the RSP1 A with a Yaesu FT1000MP transceiver and everything worked OK.
A few days ago I purchased a new transceiver, a Yaesu FT2000 and I proceeded to make the connections with the RSP1A and a problem has arisen. For synchronization of the transceiver with the SDRUno program, I installed the Omnirig and also used VSPE, in which I created a splitter to be able to use the same Com1 port for several programs. This same configuration worked OK with the FT1000MP, but now it turns out that when I activate RSync in the RX Control window, the transceiver automatically goes to transmission.
I have reviewed the configurations of the Com1 port, the Omnirig port and the VSPE port, I have varied the speed of the different ports, I have checked the configuration of the Yaesu CAT port, and I can not get Ok to work.
What can be the solution to my problem?
Best regards.
Rafael S. Lopez

PS.- Translated with Google Translator.
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Re: Yaesu FT2000 synchronize with SDRUno

Post by AK1MD » Mon Jun 17, 2019 4:47 am

I tried to connect my FTDX 5000 today with RSP 2 and HRD and it did not work. Will need more help.
73, Alex
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Re: Yaesu FT2000 synchronize with SDRUno

Post by mikeladd » Sat Jul 06, 2019 2:08 am

Have you followed the setup video and PDF guide?

Video is here

Guide is here

If your using apps that need the same com port, You will need VSPE and setup a "splitter" in VSPE.

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