New RSP1A and linux

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New RSP1A and linux

Postby W1ABA » Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:33 pm

I'm having trouble making my NEW RSP1A run on Linux (Xubuntu 18.04).

My last 3 messages to SDRPlay have been acknowledged, but I have received no response yet.

I'm anxious to have the receiver work. I am using the newly established procedure, but there is a lack of guidance after the driver is installed. I really want to use GQRX instead of CubicSDR. But, I can't find information regarding how to make GQRX recognize the RSP1A. The author of GQRX recently published an message saying he was working on how to use the RSP1A with GQRX.

If I follow the SDRPlay procedure, it creates an error on the final step of building CubicSDR software though. There is some kind of issue with opengl, but even if I ignore the error, CubicSDR won't run.

I'd like ot think that SDRPlay will support CubicSDR, but I'm feeling helpless and need to make the RSP1A run, even if it isn't in CubicSDR.

For all I know, it might be a hardware problem in the RSP1A!!! With no experience running the RSP1A, it's almost impossible for me to tell if its hardware or software::>

Does anyone know how to add RSP1A support to an existing GQRX installation?

Any help is appreciated.

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