Using the SDRPlay RSP1A via network connection possible ?

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Using the SDRPlay RSP1A via network connection possible ?

Postby snoozer » Sat Sep 01, 2018 6:58 am


I am looking for a SDR of good quality that works at lower frequencies and the RSP1A was recommended to me as good entry level device. I have been unsing RTL-SDR for some time now and I usually run the actual receiver on a remote mountain site and connect to rtl_tcp via the network. I have not found anything that would suggest I can do the same with the RSP1A. If someone can tell me will the following work with the RSP1A:

HDSDR on my Linux/Windows frontend computer
ExtIO for HDSDR to remote access RSP1A via the network
RSP1A hardware on Debian based linux CLI accepting network connection from ExtIO HDSDR

Any help would be much appreciated.
Kind Regards
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