RSP1A panadapter for Ubitx

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RSP1A panadapter for Ubitx

Postby M0CLS » Wed Nov 21, 2018 8:53 pm


I have a question about using an sdr like the rsp1a as a panadapter. I am using my rsp1a with my ubitx hf kit transceiver via a buffer amp. The software I am using is hdsdr and as I use my ubitx with FT8 I have a VAC routing audio from hdsdr to wsjt-x. Now I chose that route because the ubitx bandwidth is very narrow at around 1750khz, but using the rsp1a I have selected to use 3khz and get a better spread of the waterfall for FT8. I didn’t realise I could do this with a panadapter. So can I use things like AGC in the software? Which the ubitx itself does not have. I’m basically using the rsp1a receiver and the ubitx as the transciver side yes? If so great. And saves me having to look at isolation switches for a second receiver etc...

Thanks Carl.
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