SDRPlay +SDRUno/SDRTouch - Windows/Android system requirements?

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SDRPlay +SDRUno/SDRTouch - Windows/Android system requirements?

Post by Zonk666 » Mon Jan 28, 2019 1:38 pm


I´m planing to build a SDR World Band Receiver.

I´d like to do this with my SDRPlay RSP2 a windows or wndroid tablet, a tiny NF amp, two speakers, may be a power supply in addition.
The housing would be made with a 3d printer.

Now i have to know wich specs the needed tablet must have.

My experience with windows (8 / 10) tablets and notebook aren´t that good.
I tried a
2016 Dell Venue 7140 Pro (CPU M-5Y71 up to 2,9GHz, 8GB RAM)
2018 Dell XPS 9250 (CPU M5-6Y57 up to 2,8GHZ, 8GB RAM)
2013 DELL Latitude E5530 (CPU Core i3 3120M up to 2,5GHz, 4GB RAM)
2013 Asus Prime ux31 (CPU i7-3517U up to 2,8GHz, 4GB RAM)
On all these (windows) tablets/notebooks the audio began stuttering after raising the bandwith more than 4 or 6 MHz.

Funnily the old Dell Latitude E5530 did the best job.

So i need your experience what windows hardware would be the best for my project.
I like to use SDRUno.
Note, i dont like to take a 2k Tablet for the this project.

If there is no good windows hardware i´d like to try android (tablet 10,1" up to 14") with SDRTouch wich is not my prefered sofware.

So, what do you think about my projekt?

best regards
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