Trying to get SDRplay RSP2 to work on Linux

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Re: Trying to get SDRplay RSP2 to work on Linux

Postby StandingWave » Thu Feb 21, 2019 6:19 pm

Tried to compile CubicSDR from the version 0.2.4 source today. Followed it step by step carefully as advised. The good news is that I managed to complete it and it does seem to be working OK!. Phew!

At least the frequency selector works normally in the compiled version. In the Appimage version is seemed to have a step of 2 for each digit so i could only set odd numbers by going to the next lowest digit and counting up or down to the next zero!

The CubicSDR build instructions have this note:
Note: add -DUSE_HAMLIB=1 to cmake command line to include hamlib support.

I see that HAMLIB is a remote control API. Could this be used to control CubicSDR over a network?

BTW, while testing I came across a WFM signal at 7.350MHz. I wasn't expecting WFM on HF? The station was weak and although I am located in the midlands in the UK, the female voice spoke in French, so it could not be a local/regional FM station bleeding over as that would have been in English. The waterfall didn't look much wider than NFM, but switching to NFM lost it completely.

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