Antenna Questions (RSP-2)

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Antenna Questions (RSP-2)

Post by Robert11 » Fri Apr 05, 2019 9:42 pm


Would appreciate your opinion on this, please.

I have a long wire antenna outside the house.
Goes to a Balun (grounded if I remember right), and then a long run of coax into
the house to the RSP-2

Medical problems would make it a bit rough to go outside to verify, but that's what I seem to remember.

Per suggestions here, I bought a 1:9 Balun from Noo Elec.
Will try to attach a pix of, but not sure if I can figure out how.

Anyway, the coax terminates at the coax connector on the Balun, and then 2 wires from that to the
two screw inputs on the green connector on the RSP-2
Exactly as your picture in Fig. 3 shows in your "RSP-2 Guide to using the high Z Port"

Not sure if this results in 9:1 or 1:9 ? Is this the way it should be ?

a. There is a third screw connector on the green RSP-2 connector which is apparently a ground.

Should I ground this screw connector ?

To what/where ? Really worried about blowing the input, or something, so thought I'd
ask here first, rather than just experimenting.

b. and do I have this correct: For <30 MHz use the HiZ input ?
For>30 MHz use the "A" input ?

c. What is the difference between the "A" input and the "B" input" ? Which used for what/when ?


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Re: Antenna Questions (RSP-2)

Post by ON5HB » Sat Apr 06, 2019 4:58 pm

Have you tried connecting the coax to port A or B and go from there?

As you already have a balun outside transforming to 50 Ohm.

As for blowing the box to pieces, that is not going to happen unless you connect a transceiver to it directly or close.
The ports are protected against ESD etc and they can handle quite a lot of rubbish.

To give an example, my RSP1A's connected to a NoElec up-converter handle my close, some point less then 3mtrs!, TX-antenna with 1KW without any problems.
Nor does anything happen when I connect my mini-whip without up-converted at a distance of 10mtrs.

I do urge you NOT to try this, but they do no blow that quickly.

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