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SDRplay Pi v0.6 image, failure.

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 6:44 am
by hs0zed
I downloaded the v0.6 Raspberry Pi image, SDRplay_RPi_V0.6.img.xz. Used the balenaEtcher tool to flash to a 16Gb Kingston memory card.

Shutdown my Pi 3 model B and removed the regular Raspbian Stretch micro SD card.

Fitted the SDRplay v0.6 card and applied the power. Monitor recognised something as it came out of standby but does nothing else, no image, no access to monitor menu from its own buttons even. Green LED flashes on the Pi for a while then eventually stops. Still nothing on the display. It looks like it has booted but no screen activity at all.

Guessing I must have something messed up. Any ideas?

Martin, HS0ZED

Re: SDRplay Pi v0.6 image, failure.

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:46 am
by SDRnerd
Could be that the image file you used could be damaged during the download ;)

Re: SDRplay Pi v0.6 image, failure.

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 1:58 pm
by hs0zed

Well I fixed it :D
Image file was good and I was able to start it okay with another monitor. My regular monitor for Pi testing is a little older with a DVI input and I found in /boot/config.txt a specific monitor setting which my regular monitor can not handle. Once I had that line commented out the video appears straight away.

Some other issues to resolve but at least its starting up so I can use it now :)

Martin, HS0ZED