Updated SDRplay Software Roadmap

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Updated SDRplay Software Roadmap

Post by jon » Mon Jun 11, 2018 3:01 pm

Here's an update to our SDRplay Software Roadmap:

Current situation:

V 1.23 was released 18th May to provide support for the RSPduo and include a number of bug fixes. Please note that this software utilizes a new Windows Service based API which keeps track of tuner usage by any installed software and is essential for the RSPduo. The new API is intended to support all RSPs but has been most extensively tested using the RSPduo. V 1.23 will work alongside V1.22 for those that wish to try it with other RSP devices as well. Please note, you can upgrade to V1.23 without affecting your V1.22 installation but if you reset the registry settings for one, you will reset it for both. All future releases of SDRuno will use the Windows Service based API concept and we will continue to fully support all previous versions of the RSP right back to the original RSP1.

SDRuno roadmap

V1.3 focuses on some of the long term outstanding commitments and then V1.4 will fully unlock the power of the RSPduo by allowing a single instance of SDRuno to process the 2 tuner streams at the same time. We do not have specific dates for these releases...

a) I/Q output via audio output for applications such as CWSkimmer
b) Frequency Scanner
c) Move all stored configuration settings from the Windows registry to a .INI file

a) A re-architectured version of SDRuno which will support 3rd party demodulator ‘plugins’ via a new plugin API
b) Dual stream signal processing for diversity/noise cancellation for the RSPduo

1.41: A Remote Client version of 1.4

This reflects changes to the short term versions of SDRuno. Our longer term goal of making SDRuno cross platform (Windows/Mac OS/Linux Desktop) remains unchanged. We are still working towards this. We will continue to include bug fixes and other feature improvements as releases are made.

Also coming in the next few weeks:

3rd Party S/W support for RSPduo (along with all existing RSP platforms):

Release of the new service based API for Windows
Linux and MacOS daemon based versions of the new API concept
New EXTIO plugin that supports the RSPduo with the Windows service based API
Update to the SoapySDRPlay library to support the RSPduo

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