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Forum Moderation

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 8:53 am
by Tech_Support
Until today, new users had their first few posts actively moderated as a way of preventing malicious users or posters of spam from getting access to this forum. Unfortunately, because of the behaviour of a small number of users who have repeatedly ignored requests to keep posts on topic and avoid inflammatory or offensive posts we have had to change the forum rules regarding moderation. From now on, ALL posts will be actively moderated. This will prevent people from derailing threads with off-topic posts which make it harder for other users to access pertinent content. Similarly, this new policy will allow us to prevent inflammatory posts from escalating a technical disagreement into personal antagonism. The downside of this action is that it will mean that posts will necessarily take longer before they appear on the forum. We will however endeavour to deal with all pending posts as quickly as possible. As long as posts are not offensive or inflammatory and related to software defined radio and SDRplay products or issues and relevant to the thread that they are being posted in, they will be approved. We will not be moderating posts for the technical accuracy of the content.

Thank you for your understanding.