Proposed upgrades to RSP1 no cancelled ??

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Re: Proposed upgrades to RSP1 no cancelled ??

Post by KE2KB » Sun Dec 04, 2016 5:11 pm

Does anyone know what the RSP2 does (if anything) to reduce images? It's been a while since I've been "in the books" on RF engineering. Would dual conversion reduce images, or just introduce new ones?
I have to do a complete run on the RSP1, which I purchased a couple weeks ago, to determine where the images are the worst, and what, if anything I can do about it.
For one thing, I am considering shielding the box. Either covering it with copper foil, or removing the guts from the plastic box and replacing it into a metal one with one HQG tied to the box, and to the antenna input.

I have been quite happy with the RSP1 and SDRUno 1.1, but after several long nights working the 40m and 80m band, I can see where there is room for improvement. That said, I am using a random wire antenna (about 50ft long) with a 9:1 un-un (which I constructed myself). The random wire is a rather "noisy" antenna (if my memory serves me), and there is often a lot of QRN on the HF bands.

If I were thinking of an upgrade to the RSP1 (that was an upgrade for me from the NooElec RTL-SDR), I would be waiting to see what the competition has to offer in the price range of the RSP2.
Before purchasing the RSP1, I was considering the AirSpy with its SpyVerter, but decided on the SDRPlay RSP1 because it was so much less expensive (on sale for $129 at HRO compared to $218 total for the AirSpy + SpyVerter), does not require an up-converter, and I thought I should be saving my money for a "real" HF rig anyway. But the RSP1 has already done for me what I had hoped it would, and that is to rekindle my interest in HF. I have been working only V/UHF for many years, and now with new interest in the HF bands, I might get my old HW-101 running again (needs new caps in the PSU), and go for my Extra ticket.

In the mean time, I'll be experimenting with ways to make the RSP1 better without spending a lot of $$.

Frank - KE2KB
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Re: Proposed upgrades to RSP1 no cancelled ??

Post by IW2NYX » Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:11 pm

g8ixn wrote:
DK7OB wrote:Hm, I would say most of the wishes for the RSP 1 have been recognized and the result is the RSP2.

Only thing I don't like with the RSP2 is the high impedance antenna input for VLF and LF. I am using an active antenna there which has a 50 Ohms output.
So the recent buyers of the RSP1 have funded the RSP2.Due to limitations of the hardware the RSP1 can't be upgraded as the RF performance is limited by the hardware filters ? So we junk our recently bought RSP1's ? An expensive mistake on our part ?
I'm spot on the G8IXN thinking, RSP1 images plague and unusable mid UHF portion are almost ruining the game, even a 19 USD RTLSDR's blog usb dongle rounds circles around the first SDRPLAY version in this regard.

RSP2 is now fixed about all that ?

Well, as an one year RSP1 owner i would be glad to be offered with a return program to upgrade to the full working version (RSP2) without the need to junk my first purchase.

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Re: Proposed upgrades to RSP1 no cancelled ??

Post by NK7Z » Sat Feb 18, 2017 1:32 pm

Same here... As a less than one year owner, a return program would be nice...

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Re: Proposed upgrades to RSP1 no cancelled ??

Post by W2DLC » Tue Apr 04, 2017 8:00 pm

You might take a look at this because it could be what you are looking for. ... 151d93960e
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Re: Proposed upgrades to RSP1 no cancelled ??

Post by g1hbe » Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:23 pm

If you are into low-UHF milsat listening, the RSP1 and 2 may not be for you. The conversion architecture causes images from the low 200 MHz range to pop up in the ~250 MHz area. In the UK this is a problem, as we have strong DAB signals from about 215 to 225 MHz. Changing the conversion frequency can move things around a bit, but reception is not good. This is a great pity, as the RSP's are excellent otherwise.

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