Newbie With A Question

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Newbie With A Question

Post by henry » Tue Jul 24, 2018 8:55 pm

I plan on getting an RSP1a. What accessories do i need to connect it to my computer & antenna? I will not be using/connecting it to any other devices.
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Re: Newbie With A Question

Post by g1hbe » Tue Jul 24, 2018 10:23 pm

Hello Henry and welcome to the forum. You'll need a standard USB-A to USB-B lead for the connection from the RSP to your PC and some kind of adapter or adapter lead with an SMA male plug on one end to a female connector which matches your own antenna connector. That's it. It's worthwhile reading all the guides and looking at the video guides so you don't make any silly errors when installing the software.
Use the 'start here' page to guide you and make sure you follow the instructions closely. Don't connect the USB until you are told to. All the RSP's tend to work first time unless you are using Windows 7, in which case you may have to fiddle about with Microsoft security patches etc. My RSP2 went in and worked first go on my Win 8 laptop and continued to work even after an upgrade to Win 8.1. It also works perfectly on my other laptop which uses Win 10.
Good luck and have fun. Don't forget there's a very busy SDRPlay Facebook group.

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Re: Newbie With A Question

Post by Max99 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 11:51 pm

Hi Henry

As per above, make sure to buy a USB lead with ferrite choke to minimise conducted spurii from the PC etc.

I bought the two items above and they work fine with my RSP2Pro. For HF (up to 30MHz), just stick a bit of wire up outside and just jam the end into the SO239 socket of the above adapter. Get the antenna out of the room and strung up outside or you will be swamped with interference from computer, switched mode PSUs and the usual cacophony of QRM (interference) that's to be found in an average house these days. Don't over-use the SMA connector as I believe they don't take too kindly to constant connection and disconnection. Better to do that at the chunkier socket on the adapter. For VHF/UHF you probably need a resonant antenna of some sort to get half decent results, even if it is just a bit of stripped back coax of the right length for the frequency you want to hear, usually 1/4 wave vertical works well, or half wave dipole:

Obviously for really serious HF then look up resonant antennas (dipoles etc) but for casual listening a bit of wire 30-50 ft long strung up outside the window will bring in a lot of fun.

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