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mir_sdr_StreamUninit hangs

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 12:49 pm
by clem01
Hi, I am writing a simple tcp server (currently one connection only) for the RSP2, mostly compatible to the well-known rtl_tcp server for RTL-SDR dongles.
Almost all is working fine, I am able to select bandwidths, sampling rates, frequencies etc. and stream the I/Q data on the intranet.
When terminating a connection, the intent is to un-initialize the RSP2 and let the program listen for a new connection of a remote client, and start the cycle again.

The problem: About one in ten or fifteen times, the call to mir_sdr_StreamUninit to stop the streaming hangs. It just doesn't return. An inspection showed that the mir_sdr_api.dll cycles in an endless loop, sleeping for 10ms in each cyle, waiting for some flag to become nonzero, which never happens.
As a result the server has to be terminated by the user, which is of course not so nice. I observe the same behaviour on the Windows and Linux versions.

My question: Has somebody seen a similar behaviour, or can someone perhaps give a hint about a possible reason of it? I tried many things, all without success.

I am using the mirics API version 2.13, 64-bit. The software runs on Win7, Win10 and Linux (debian 9).
The server is to be published as an add-on (but general-purpose) to the QIRX SDR, I am the author.

Any help or hint would be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,