Using an internet-receiver as a remote monitor

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Using an internet-receiver as a remote monitor

Post by OH2BUA » Wed Jan 23, 2019 5:16 pm

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In that photo there's a little bit older 'internet radio receiver'. Today it can't pick more than a few thousand stations, as the Reciva-directory (which it is based into) is not actively maintained anymore.

But, a handy guy/gal can configure it to listen to any http/mp3 stream by telling it the correct stream URL. So, it can be used for example to listen one's own remote receiving site, just by starting a stream server there, and configuring that box here.

Changing the tuning frequency of course can't be done with that receiver alone remotely, you need to open a remote desktop connection for that.

But, you can run several stream servers concurrently to have at least a few channels to easily change between.

Here is about what you need to do with SDRplay gear, using just one RSP-can: (not a beginner-thing)

- At the remote end, install let's say four virtual audio cables.
- Run SDRuno opening four virtual tuners tuned into desired frequencies.
- Pipe audio outputs of each virtual tuner into separate virtual audio cables.
- Run four audio stream servers (VLC, for example), each getting the input from own virtual audio cables, serving at separate IP port numbers.
- In your remote site firewall, open the required TCP ports inbound. Configure also PAT port forwarding, if your network topology requires that.
- Configure the receiver-box with all the four URLs with port numbers into separate preselect-buttons.
- Listen, loud.

73, Jukka

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