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Trunking, RSP2 and Voice Channels

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 7:58 pm
by Intermodulator
Hi -

I purchased an RSP2 a few years ago with one of the goals of getting around the "two dongle conundrum" for following trunked radio systems. Though none of the packages (SDRTrunk, Unitrunker, DSD+, etc.) supported the RSP2. DSD+ Fastlane is quite capable and I was happy to see that SDR-Console supports both the RSP2 and DSD+.

So far I can tune a P25 control channel and fire up the Voice Channel Tracking feature in SDR-Console. It seems to be starting up virtual receivers for the voice channels, but I'm not actually getting any voice decodes.

Has anyone else been able to make this work with any other software? Perhaps with the old SDR# version and the DSD+ plugin?