New User just a little moan :(

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New User just a little moan :(

Postby Delecky » Wed Mar 06, 2019 8:54 pm

Hi All
I am a new owner of an RSP1A ,I have been on the edge of buying one for months so when "Radio User" anounced "New Scanning Software For SDRplay"
I made a quick visit to Nevada Radio, delivered a few days later and I installed the software and driver on my aged PC and after a few false starts with USB 3 Versus USB 2 I am up and running within a short while.
Quite a surprise to see "Studio 1 again" , of course I can see some improvements since those days but still , No scanning as anounced in "Radio User" still its not possible to size all the panes individually in particular the main RX pane. (Need a bigger RX for old eyes)
I had hoped that by now all the old software issues would be gone and the idea of searching between two frequencies made me salivate as much as scanning pre programmed channels ?, but future ? well I suppose I had better just wait , all the above would be a real negative if the RSP1A was not just about the best wideband SDR I have owned , I have and Elad FDMS2 and an Airspy V1 and all the software I can figure, but now I have all my radio interests in a single package and along with my other radio equipement I feel somewhat complete.For now.
Think I need third monitor next , SDR# and the FDM-sw and now SDRplay along with MultiPSK has used up my real estate.
Hope this is not too much of a whinge,feel free to comment and thanks to SDRplay for a very good product.
Regards to all
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Re: New User just a little moan :(

Postby Tech_Support » Wed Mar 06, 2019 10:19 pm

Hello Delecky,
Release 1.3 (with scanning) is in final beta test with the last couple of bugs being ironed out. It will be release very soon.



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