Frequency shift for LNB/Es'Hail

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Frequency shift for LNB/Es'Hail

Postby dg7yeo » Sun Mar 10, 2019 8:59 am

as I have the same issue in several SDR programms looks to me like an issue with the driver, so I posted here.

I using a SDRplay RSP1A to receive Es'Hail2/QO-100 which working fine, but when I try to enter the LO Frequency shift to get the correct Frequency shown this wont work. If I use lower values i.e. 150MHz it works OK, so seems to be a limitation of the needed value of 9750MHz

Tested with SDRuno 1.22, SDRconsole V3

Is there any way to work around this limitation? Or do I need some updated drivers?

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