To RSP1A or not?

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To RSP1A or not?

Post by SWL » Sun Aug 18, 2019 11:57 pm

Hello Community participants.

I've owned the original RSP1 since before dirt and it does a pretty good job in my opinion. I use it to primarily to listen to the amateur HF bands (180 thru 15 meters) as well as some occasional shortwave programs and WWV for propagation. The RSP1 is fed with a 30 ft single copper wire (indoor) into LMR240 coax.

I'm curious if the later model RSP1A would offer overall better reception, lower noise floor and improved general listening experience. The specs laid out side by side are somewhat equal with the exception of the 14 vs 12 bit ADC, notch filtering and .5ppm TCXO.

To RSP1A or not, that is the question.

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Re: To RSP1A or not?

Post by g1hbe » Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:46 pm

I have one of the original (blue box) RSP1's here, although I retired it to make way for an RSP2, mainly for the switchable antenna inputs. I now have a DUO, mainly for the diversity/noise cancelling feature. The front end filtering has been changed and improved on successive models and this reduces out-of-band overload and image performance, but how much difference this makes to you depends on your individual situation.
I wouldn't get too excited about the extra couple of bits - it provides a small improvement in dynamic range but nothing to take your breath away.
I'd say if your RSP1 does what you want it to and you are not hankering after the extra bits & bobs, then stay with it.
PS, I think I've read that the RSP1-a is not so good at VLF, so if you have an interest in the low end, avoid it. I stand to be corrected on this last point.
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Re: To RSP1A or not?

Post by SDRnerd » Tue Aug 20, 2019 5:43 am

I owned a RSP1 for a few weeks and sold it to a club member who was interrested. Did not like it very much due to the lack of front end filtering. Later I got a RSP2 wich was a bit better (filtering) but the same friend also wanted it to so it went in his direction.

The RSP1A is a better performer and can't be beat on the price. In fact it is a nice sdr, but does not play in the regions like the Perseus or a Elad FDM-S2 wich I also own. I also have a RSPduo and like it well.

With the RSP1A you cannot go wrong for the money. Mine is running is a server setup 7/7-24/24h. It shurely beats an RTL dongle hands down by a large margin. Ok, the RSPduo is better @ vlf reception. But if that is not your field of work you do not missing a thing ;)

Go for it :!:
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