API 1.54 on Linux - some questions

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API 1.54 on Linux - some questions

Post by DK7OB » Tue Jul 12, 2016 3:10 pm

I just installed the new API 1.94 on Ubuntu 16.04.

I am running gqrx with gnuradio / gr-osmosdr / SoapySDR / SoapySDRPlay, all compiled from source using the source from the git repositories.

Gqrx is running, so the new API seems to be working.

But I have some questions:
1. How to tell which API I version I am running? The previous version generated a lot of debug output, so I could see what version was running. The new version is rather quiet.

2. I can not set the HW frequency below 100 kHZ. If I understand correctly, the new API supports frequency down to 10 kHZ.

2a. I see the frequency range i hard coded in SoapySDRPlay, at least in the source I am using. This source is from pothosware git master with latest log entry from Feb 2016. So I am wondering if this is the version is the most recent one.

Wolfgang DK7OB
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