Minimum computer specs for running SDRuno

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Minimum computer specs for running SDRuno

Post by KD0RUR » Wed Feb 27, 2019 6:33 pm

Hey everyone!

I'm running SDRuno on a Mac in Parallels and it runs but isn't really usable. The audio is in spurts and the application seems to run "jerkily".

I do use my RSP2pro with CubicSDR on the mac but SDRuno seems to offer a more full-featured use of the tech, so I want to use it.

So, now I'm looking on Craigslist for a small form factor PC to run it on and was wondering what the minimum specs I should be looking for to give excellent performance. I don't want any lag or performance artifacts at all.

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Re: Minimum computer specs for running SDRuno

Post by g1hbe » Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:11 pm

I use SDRUno on a mid-spec i5 windows 8.1 laptop. It has an Intel processor at 2.4 GHz and 4 GB of memory. I find it runs just fine right up to the full bandwidth. I've never tried running more than one VRX though.
My old P6200 laptop (2.1 GHz with 1GB memory) used to choke above 6 MHz b/w but was perfectly OK below this.

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Re: Minimum computer specs for running SDRuno

Post by ON5HB » Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:30 am

Parallels is a PC-emulator for the Mac, it runs a copy of Windows in a virtual machine.

Paralls isn't a real Windows machine, it runs a lot, but has problems when it comes to realtime processing.

If you want to run it on a mac, install bootcamp and a real copy of Windows.

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