LAN sever setup of RSP1a

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LAN sever setup of RSP1a

Post by SDRnerd » Sat Jul 13, 2019 10:10 am

I like to setup a RSP1a for my local network. I have a Raspberry Pi4 and a Asus Tinkerboard that can be used for this setup.

There are 2 laptops that will be used via a fast Wifi modem on 5GHz and a desktop pc that is hardwired. I have only little experience with Raspian or Debian OS. It is for the moment not needed to put this server on-line on the net, but like to do this in the future tough.

How can I get this working? Is there a txt file that maybe can be used to copy and paste the command lines into a Terminal window or the likes?

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Re: LAN sever setup of RSP1a

Post by ON5HB » Sat Jul 20, 2019 4:06 pm

Most simple way is to install:

I also believe they have a way to connect to the RSP1A with SoapySDR.

Typical it can handle about 2-4 users at the same time.

However, the Pi4 and Asus Tinkerboard may be too light to handle it, you have to try and find out.

As for putting it on the internet and let 1000's of users in a totally different animal comes in place, but is not opensource and you have to ask the maker if you can get and use it.

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