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Post by modelaero » Fri Jul 22, 2016 6:15 am

It started (sort of) OK but various controls did not work and it seems to be deteriorating by the minute.

I cannot chage the IF bandwidth using the red slider bars and cannot change the centre frequency in the main display by dragging the bottom display slider. The shift key/yellow band thing has no function.

The main SP0 window has a mind of its own and, now shows +/- 4.5GHz! Also, I find I cannot demodulate anything at all.

This software is bananas. If things don't change, I will have to send the SDR play back to the supplier.
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Re: Ghastly!

Post by Tech_Support » Fri Jul 22, 2016 9:38 am

Dear Steve,
We received the email that you sent to our support team this morning and you should have a reply shortly trying to address the points that you have raised. The RSP is a general purpose SDR hardware platform that works with a range of different software packages. Some are free and some are commercial packages. SDRuno (which I think you are referring to here) is just 1 of the free packages available to use with the RSP. SDRuno is not really new software as such, it is based upon the very well established Studio 1 software that has been around for many years, but has a custom control interface in the Main Panel for the RSP.
We only acquired the rights to Studio 1 very recently and released the first version of SDRuno in June. We are therefore still in the early stages of understanding what users want in terms of future development of the software.

SDRuno/Studio 1 is a very powerful but quite complex piece of software and it does have a bit of a learning curve, to which anyone new to it will have to go through. There a number of resources that are helpful in getting to understand how to use the software effectively. Paul Jones and Mike Ladd have produced a very useful user guide which can be downloaded from:
In addition, if you are a Facebook user, there is an independent Facebook group for users of SDRuno at:
HDSDR is a less powerful package than SDRuno, but is a more straightforward piece of software to get to understand, so it might be worthwhile putting SDRuno to one side for the time being and using HDSDR to get to grips with the RSP.

Yours sincerely

SDRplay Tech_Support
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