RSP2 with an MFJ 1886 loop antenna

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RSP2 with an MFJ 1886 loop antenna

Postby rbtempe » Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:53 am

Hello all. Just wanted to check to see if anyone can assist with the best/correct my SRP2 to an MFJ 1886 loop antenna. Which is the best antenna port to us. Don't want to cause any damage.

Thank you in advance
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Re: RSP2 with an MFJ 1886 loop antenna

Postby g1hbe » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:04 am

The 1886 looks like a close relative of the famous Wellbrook 1530 loop. The RSP2 works best on HF via its H-z input (the two SMA inputs are not so good on the lower HF bands) so the Hi-z is the one. You can take the output coax from the MFJ interface box and connect it directly to your RSP and it'll work fine. Connect the coax outer to ground and the inner to P. Then connect a link from N to ground.
An even better (in theory) way is to take your coax to a ferrite balun and the output of the balun to the Hi-z input. This stops unbalanced RF currents taking noise into the system. I think there are some 'how to' videos on You Tube and of course you'll get lots of advice over on the Facebook page.

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