Fedora 21 & sdr-j-spectrumviewer

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Fedora 21 & sdr-j-spectrumviewer

Post by MikeR » Thu Jun 11, 2015 8:48 pm

Hopefully this is of use for Linux / Fedora users to check if the sdrplay is working.

The only working application I have found so far is sdr-j-spectrumviewer which can be found here:

The sdrplay driver needs installing (see instructions elsewhere) for me the rules didnt work and applications needed
to be root (not a good idea) to fix that temporary, check the usb bus and device id with lsusb

Bus 001 Device 015: ID 1df7:2500
Take a look at the devices with ls -l /dev/bus/usb/001/
or simply do
sudo chown me:me /dev/bus/usb/001/015

where "me" is your username.

Now apps do not require sudo'ing.

I have fixed the udev rules but not tested them yet since the box is remote.

Then start sdr-j-spectrumviewer - in the UI select sdrplay, and bandwidth to 8 Mhz & hit start.

$ ./sdr-j-spectrumviewer-1.0
Functions seem to be loaded
setStart 94700000
mir_sdr_Init: starting hardware initialization
mir_sdr_Init: gR=40dB fs=8.000MHz rf=94.700MHz bw=8.000MHz if=0.000MHz

mir_sdr_usb_USB DLL: Revision 0.1.1

mir_sdr_2500_Init: fnaddr = 3

mir_sdr_2500_Init: adjusting squelch trim 0x1, rx gating enable 1, tx_trim 0, reg2 = 0x4801
initHw: Register7 = 0x000085
initHw: Tuner Register0 = 0x05f420
mir_sdr_SetFs: Sample Freq requested 8000000.000000
mir_sdr_SetFs: Fs->FsNomHz+dFsHz=8000000.0+0.0Hz=8000000.0Hz FsToggle->1
mir_sdr_SetRf: f->94699996.948Hz (int=1f frac=6a3 afc=ff3) fSynth:3030399902.344
mir_sdr_SetRf: Rf->RfNomHz+dRfHz+LifHz+Lif1Hz=94699996.9+0.0+0.0Hz+0.0Hz=94699996.9Hz RfToggle->1
mir_sdr_SetGr: GR->40[16,24,0,0] gRset->0x210 DCCALmode=4 DCCALspd=1 GrToggle->1
setToggleStates: initialising sampNum=0x0001f802, gainSetting=0x210, FsToggle=0, RfToggle=1, GrToggle=1
setToggleStates: initialising Fs=8000000.000, Rf=94699996.948, Gr=40
mir_sdr_SetDcMode: DCCAL: mode->4 speedup->1
mir_sdr_SetDcTrackTime: DCTRK_TIM->63
mir_sdr_SetSyncUpdatePeriod: 4000000
mir_sdr_SetSyncUpdateSampleNum: 336
mir_sdr_SetGr: GR->25[25,0,0,0] gRset->0x19 DCCALmode=4 DCCALspd=1 GrToggle->0
mir_sdr_ReadPacket: Gain update confirmed: Gr=25dB GrToggle=0 gset=0x19
fsc = 0, rfc = 0, grc = 1
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