SDRduo enhancement idea

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SDRduo enhancement idea

Postby JamesM » Tue Oct 16, 2018 4:08 pm

I have setup my RSPduo as a panadaptor on my TS590 and it works very well. I made a delayed relay switch and I terminate the RSP antenna in 50 ohms on transmit so there is never any overload. It is used in a configuration similar to that shown in the video "AV017 More Panadapter Tips & Tricks". The antenna o/p at the DRV port goes through a splitter to both antenna 1 and 2 on my RSP after the relay and I monitor 2 bands.
My suggestion would be to enhance band switching: if it were possible to simply click on the waterfall/spectrum window and have the TS590 follow, it would make for rapid frequency changes. Save clicking on RSYN1 first to select a band, then also clicking on the waterfall/spectrum window. It's as if the RSYN1 and a waterfall/spectrum click are combined into one operation.
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