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Contact details for local distributor, reseller and support centres can be found here: www.sdrplay.com/distributors/

Send your comments and suggestions to the development team here: feedback@sdrplay.com
Note: We can’t promise to reply to all feedback, but we certainly read all the comments and suggestions. Where we can, we will take those comments on board for future development.

Click here to complete a form to contact us. You can use this for general inquiries and especially for one-on-one technical support for RSP product related issues. We respond to all inquiries personally.

Use the community forums to connect with other people to share experiences or ask questions of thousands of existing RSP users:

Check out the new independent forum which takes over from our own forum which closed in September 2019 – links to both the old and the brand new forums can be found here: https://www.sdrplay.com/a-new-independent-forum-for-sdrplay-users/ (ideal for non Facebook users and for searching useful posts and  articles)

Independent Facebook SDRplay Users Group (now with over 11,000 users – great for immediate responses)

Independent Facebook SDRuno Users Group (focus on SDRuno software and great for immediate responses)

Facebook SDRuno Users Group Francais

Facebook SDRuno Users Group Italia

About SDRplay: We are a small group of engineers based mainly in the UK, where we also manufacture and test the radios using a subcontractor. We have both software and hardware expertise and genuinely enjoy helping people get the most out of the product. We usually try to respond to technical enquiries within 48 hours. The RSP family of SDR receivers were designed here in the UK.

Registered Office:

SDRplay Ltd.

21 Lenten Street



GU34 1HG


Tel: +44 1223 911 044

Click here to complete a form to communicate with us. You can use the form for feedback, general enquiries and also support.