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We accept PayPal and Credit card payments in USD . Payments are processed by the financial institution- No card details are passed to SDRPlay.
We also accept bank transfers, but these take a little longer to process
Our VAT Registration Number is GB 208 3558 09 Registered in England 09035244
Please note that no USB or antenna cables are provided.
DO NOT directly connect an RSP to the same antenna as your transmitter, or to an antenna in the near field of a transmitting antenna, as this is likely to result in irreversible damage to your RSP and invalidate your warranty.
We aim to ship from our stock within 2 working days
We want you to be happy with your purchase: if you're not, just return the product to us with 14 days. we will refund the cost of the goods only
Customers are responsible for customs duties, import taxes, fees and charges
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