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The SDRuno Roadmap can be found here and the SDRuno user manual can be found here

We recommend that you watch this video AND read all the information before scrolling down to the Download button

SDRuno® is a registered trade mark of SDRplay

This is the Open Beta Version of SDRuno 1.41 (latest update: 24th August 2021)

Note for rig control: SDRuno is not compatible with unofficial Multirig/Omnirig V2.0. Please use the official version of Omnirig V1.19 from dxatlas.com/omnirig
Note for plugins: All plugins are developed independently of SDRuno and are not subject to the same release schedule. We may update the plugin installers when updates are available

Release Notes:
Please read carefully the following before installing:

1. This version uses a new version of the API (v3.08) and this may not be compatible with other third party software that currently uses v3.06, v3.07 or earlier versions of the API. We will not be formally releasing v3.08 until the open beta phase has completed and v1.41 is ready for release and so the API will still be potentially subject to change. If you have concerns over this, please do NOT install the software.
2. You can go back to v1.40.2 at any time by simply re-installing it, but you must ensure that you re-install v3.07 of the API which is a standard part of the SDRuno installer.
3. The feature set for v1.41 is now fixed. We are only looking for potential bugs which can then be fixed before a formal release. If you are not comfortable with the risk of bugs, please do NOT install the software
4. The overwhelming majority of the SDRuno functionality has not changed since v1.40.2. Any possible bugs are most likely to be associated with the new additions to the software. If you find what you believe to be a bug with parts of SDRuno that are not part of the v1.41 changes, please check carefully as the problem is most likely to be a settings or some other issue.
5. It is not necessary to uninstall a previous version of SDRuno before installing this new version. In fact it is NOT recommended that you do so
6. You should not need to reset SDRuno before installing and using this new version of the software
7. The API included with this release has been updated and is believed to work with SDR-Console
8. This is likely to be the last open beta release before the full 1.41 release. See below on how to report issues (DO NOT USE THE TICKET SYSTEM)

Additions since v1.40.2

1. A comprehensive new scheduler which replaces the previous recording panel. This new function allows for substantial levels of automation of the software and permits timed unattended changes in operation
a. The scheduler allows for the creation of one-off or multiple timed ‘events’ to be automatically started and stopped.
b. An event can invoke the I/Q recorder, frequency scanner or simply play the stream
c. At the end of the event, the stream will automatically stop
d. An event can load and use a saved profile
e. An event can automatically load and start a plugin. For the plugin to automatically start, the plugin must take advantage of the plugin API auto-start feature. Currently all SDRplay developed plugins can be auto-started via the scheduler and hopefully third party developers will also take advantage of this new feature.
f. Information regarding the configuration and timing of events is stored in a new file called sched.dat. This file is stored in the same folder as the SDRuno.ini file, namely %Appdata%\SDRplay. No attempts should be made to edit this file as to do so is likely to render the software unstable. However, the file can safely be deleted and doing so, will clear SDRuno of all stored events.
g. Operation of the scheduler is covered in the user manual that accompanies v1.41, but in addition we have produced a short video that introduces this new feature at: https://youtu.be/fURaBmYcPbg
2. Auto layouts (Main Panel Options) now includes additional layouts, one of which includes the scheduler. These new layouts are only valid for screen resolutions of 1920×1080 or greater
3. Autolayouts now take account of the taskbar irrespective of the side of the screen it’s on
4. Autolayouts now take account of the full monitor resolution (i.e. added support for monitors > 1920×1080)
5. The autolayout that includes the scheduler is for resolutions of 1920×1080 or above
6. A backup and restore feature for SDRuno configuration settings has been added. It is recommended that once a configuration has been achieved that the user is happy with, that a backup is created. If a problem then occurs that requires the software to be reset, the user can simply restore SDRuno settings by using the ‘restore’ function. This new feature can be found via the Main Panel Options
7. As screenshot button has been added to the Main SP. This will allow the user to simply take a compact high quality JPEG image of the entire desktop screen and name it and save it to a folder of the users choice
8. The DAB plugin has been extensively re-worked and improved
a. Fully autonomous RF AGC has now been added so it is no longer necessary to manually adjust the RF gain
b. The reliability of the channel scan has been improved via better symbol timing tracking and channel acquisition
c. DAB+ reliability has been improved
9. A new ADS-B plugin has been added based on the open source application called dump1090. This plugin is compatible with Virtual Radar server and also comes with its own internal server and map. Details may be found in the plugin help file. The source code for this plugin will be available at full 1.41 release here:https://github.com/SDRplay/plugins/SDRunoPlugin_ADSB
a. Please note that the SDRuno gain control is currently used for the ADS-B plugin (set RF gain as high as possible and make sure IFAGC is enabled)
10. IQ wav files can now be used with the plugin system
11. Save workspace notification moved to the status bar
12. The DXCluster plugin has been updated to work with locally installed DXCluster servers – it will accept no callsign and there is a field to provide a custom response

In addition to the above new features, the following bugs identified in release 1.40.2 have been fixed:

1. Decimation and the LOLOCK state are now correctly saved and recalled within a profile
2. Main Panel version tooltip now displays correct information
3. The step size can incorrectly be set when using non-FM modes and pressing any of the FM sub mode buttons

Changes made since 1.41 open beta 1

1. Recurring events scheduled to start at midnight now start correctly
2. Events spanning over midnight now end correctly
3. Time editor restrictions removed
4. Bugs associated the duration and the end time fields has been fixed
5. Event editor window behaviour when SDRuno is brought back from a minimised state fixed
6. Bugs associated with the end date options fixed
7. Buttons and labels overlapping when the scheduler window is reduced in size is fixed
8. Memory panel – the wrong background colour when editing fields or using the dropdown menus has been fixed
9. Non-English locale issue when adding events fixed
10. Memory panel will prompt to save any changes made when switching to another memory bank
11. When using the ADS-B/DAB plugins, the mode switching now handles both band framed and when LO locked
12. Audio Recorder plugin now has an On-Squelch option
13. DAB plugin has been updated to ensure the RF AGC handles large signals
14. The loaded profile name now displays in the memory panel when loaded via the scheduler

Known issues still to be addressed with the ADS-B plugin:

1. ADS-B plugin can occasionally crash and cause SDRuno to crash when being closed or stopped on Windows 7
2. The country flags are not displayed when using the internal map server for the ADS-B plugin
3. We recommend using Beast mode output to Virtual Radar Server, other modes (including the text output to the plugin window) appear to be subject to some corruption which is still being worked on.

Known issues still to be addressed with the Audio Recorder plugin:

1. When using the Audio Recorder plugin with the scheduler, the plugin may not display the filename and info during the recording, but the output file is still generated.

Known issues with the plugin system:

1. Occasionally if SDRuno is closed whilst a plugin is still running, it may not close properly. This may necessitate a PC reboot to fix.

Bugs still to be addressed in a later release:

1. SP2 CWAFC drift issue (Zoom/window size/freq display)
2. IF output mode disabled SP1 spectrum mouse clicks

If you identify any bugs other than those listed above, please do NOT open up a support ticket. We will NOT be providing support for this version until it is moved to release status. Instead, please email: feedback@sdrplay.com

Please note that all emails are read by the development team, however we will ONLY reply to emails sent to this address if we have any questions.