Windows related information

New customers should use the "Start Here" guide for software installations.

SDRuno (including hardware driver)

(current release: 1.11 21st November 2016)

API/Hardware Driver

(current release: 1.97 20th September 2016)
WARNING: You may download the API/Driver here without providing any details but without any support. Support will require registration via the Start Here system

ADS-B (dump1090)

(current release: 1.13 1st May 2016)

RSP1 EXTIO Plugin (min requirement: API 1.94)

(current release: 3.9.1 12th July 2016)

Note: The EXTIO plugin will work with HDSDR and other EXTIO compatible Windows SDR applications. The station display function will not work on SDR# versions that support ExtIO as it does not support the full ExtIO functionality.

RSP1 SDR# Plugin (Requires SDR# v1411+)

(current release: 2.2 12th October 2015)

Note: Because of a change to the SDR# frontend interface, the SDRplay SDR# plugin (v2.2) will only work with SDR# v1411+ with limited functionality.

Free Mirics Software

  • Please note: The Mirics software below is available for download for free use on your personal SDRplay RSP device. You cannot redistribute the software. There are known issues with the FM/DAB player, mainly to do with locales (use English locale)

    The software is provided completely as is and neither SDRplay nor Mirics are able to provide any support for them.

Mirics DVB-T demodulator (Windows 7 Media Center) - minimum CPU requirements: Intel (Core 2 architecture) or AMD (K10 architecture) or higher
Mirics FM/DAB player (Windows) - locale issues