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(All RSPs)

Spectrum Analyser – v1.1 (18th May 2020)

(All RSPs – single tuner only) Requires API3 or Latest SDRuno to be installed

HDSDR – v2.76a (13th Jul 2018)

(RSP1/RSP1A/RSP2) Includes hw driver/API/EXTIO plugin

ExtIO Plugins – v1.2 (13th Jul 2018)

(RSP1/RSP1A/RSP2) Includes hardware driver/API

RSPduo ExtIO Plugin – v1.2 (25th Nov 2019)

(RSPduo) Includes hardware driver/API

RSPdx ExtIO Plugin – v1.0 (8th Jan 2020)

(RSPdx) Includes hardware driver/API – DOES NOT SUPPORT HDR MODE. Note: HDR mode will not be added. Cannot be done with ExtIO protocol.

SDR-Console – v3

(This link will take you to the SDR-Console website)

 API/HW Driver – v2.13 (20th Jun 2018)

(RSP1/RSP1A/RSP2/RSPduo – single tuner only) Required for older 3rd party applications

 API/HW Driver – v3.06 (25th Nov 2019)

(All RSPs) Required for 3rd party applications & developers

ADS-B (dump1090) v1.46 (25th Nov 2019)

(All RSPs) – Requires API v3.06 install

TCP Server v1.0 (15th Feb 2019)

(RSP1/RSP1A/RSP2/RSPduo – single tuner only) Requires API 2.13

ExtIO Plugin TCP v1.1 (22nd Dec 2019)

(RSP1/RSP1A/RSP2/RSPduo – single tuner only) – Requires TCP Server

Mirics DVB-T Demodulator 

(RSP1 ONLY) (Intel (Core 2 architecture) or AMD (K10 architecture) or higher)

SDR# Plugin – version 2.2 

(RSP1 ONLY) (SDR# 1411-1500)
Note: This plugin will NOT work on SDR# versions greater than 1500


SDRuno User Manual

(version 1.33 / 25th Nov 2019)

SDRuno Software Roadmap

(updated May 2020)

SDRuno Manuel Utilisateur (Francais)

(version 1.3 / April 2019 – merci a André Meunier)

SDRuno Release Notes

(covers all versions / 25th Nov 2019)

Spectrum Analyser User Manual

(V 1.1 updated May 2020)

Non-Windows Workflow (Interactive web system)

(Updated 4th July 2018)

GNU Radio Workflow with ready-made source blocks

(Updated 9th October 2019)

API Specification

(version 2.13 / 20th June 2018)

API Specification

(version 3.06 / 25th Nov 2019)

API Release Notes

(version 2.13 / 20th June 2018)

API Release Notes

(version 3.06 / 25th Nov 2019)

ExtIO User Guide

(version 1.1 / 15th November 2017)

ADS-B User Guide

(version 1.43 / 14th March 2019)

TCP Server User Guide

(version 1.0 / 15th February 2019)