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In this SDRconnect update Q&A (thanks to Gary of Martin Lynch and Sons), Andy answers questions and demonstrates some of its features (May 2023):
On September 6th 2022, Amateur Round Table W5KUB.com hosted an SDRplay update and webinar:

Special thanks to Tom at W5KUB.com for hosting this SDRplay update and webinar event. These are excepts from the September 6th 2022 edition of the show. Visit the W5KUB Amateur Round Table Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/w5kub where you can find over 700 videos of prior Round Table shows and videos.

Change of date due to clash with Queen Elizabeth’s funeral day: Our next webinar will be on Monday October 17th 2022 when  Radio Network will host “An Evening with Mike Ladd (KD2KOG)  of SDRPlay”   The theme of the evening will be “How do I…?” and be targeted to SDRPlay device owners that need help, support and guidance with their RSP device or SDRuno.

The evening is focusing on user-related questions that are specific to the individual in order to help amateurs gain a better user experience.
They promise an informative and entertaining evening and expect that participation will be high.
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 524 931 2563
***The time below is in British Summer Time***
The room opens at 1815 hrs UTC for a 1830 hrs UTC Start
For more details: www.hrn.world
On July 18th 2022, Ham Radio Network hosted “An Evening with Mike Ladd (KD2KOG) and Steve Brightman (KI5ENW).  The theme of this zoom webinar was “How do I…?” and was aimed at SDRplay device owners that needed help, support and guidance with their RSP device or SDRuno. There will be another webinar like this on September 19th 2022. 
 Click here to view the webinar: https://youtu.be/vndLIopHn6c

On July 4th 2022, 1830UTC, Ham Radio Network hosted “An Evening with Andy Carpenter of SDRPlay on the forthcoming release of SDRconnect v1.0.”

Click here to view a recording of the webinar: https://youtu.be/LsLjrOiTZj4

During the evening, Andy discussed and answered questions about SDRConnect V1.0 – the highly anticipated cross-platform interface with remote server capability due out before the end of 2022. It was also an opportunity to ask questions about SDRplay software in general.


An evening with Steve KI5ENW and Mike KD2KOG hosted by UK Ham Radio Network – Monday May 2nd 2022

Click hear to watch a recording of this event:  https://youtu.be/SKnjTcHGpik


Introducing SDRuno V1.41 (including the new scheduler function and ADSB plugin) (shown Sunday August 15th 2021)

SDRplay YouTuber’s Hamfest Webinar (May 29th 2021):


Webinar from Hamcation, February 13th 2021, with news, demos and Q&A from the 2021 virtual Hamcation event in Florida:

Webinar from February 4th  for University STEM subject teachers:

Webinar from December 20th 2020, all about plugins (for both users and developers)

On Sunday 20th December , SDRplay hosted a live YouTube webinar all about SDRuno plugins.  Many thanks to all who participated via live chat. The webinar explained the plugin system and showcased the current plugins – there was also a section at the end, especially for plugin developers.    For those who missed it or who would like to view it again, here’s the link: https://youtu.be/qCFsIsZYPKQ

Webinar from November 2020, introducing the university teaching materials:

In this webinar we introduced the teaching materials for an 11 hour practical course “Understanding Radio Communications – using SDRs” – full details can be found here: https://www.sdrplay.com/understandingradio/


Webinar from August 2020: Introduction to SDRuno V1.4:

In this webinar we went through installation, and then looked at the new features of the software including the brand new plugins feature.

SDRplay webinars held earlier in 2020


Below are links to recordings of many of the live events held earlier in 2020.


Date Time (UTC) Event Theme Host Delivery medium Joining instructions Recording available?
Wed Mar 25th 1830 Norfolk club meeting SDRplay overview Jon Via NARC completed https://www.facebook.com/norfolkamateurradioclub/videos/2556427388017261/
Sat Mar 28th 1700 Interactive workshop SDRuno basics Mike Zoom completed
Sat Apr 4th 1700 Interactive workshop audio filtering Mike Zoom completed
Sun Apr 5th 1600 YouTube webinar Non-windows API setup Andy YouTube completed https://youtu.be/ANry8tAPjN4
Sat Apr 11th 1700 Interactive workshop Virtual audio connectivity Mike Zoom completed
Sun Apr 12th 0900 YouTube webinar Dump 1090 Andy YouTube completed https://youtu.be/WprfindqMc8
Sun Apr 12th 1600 YouTube webinar Dump 1090 Andy YouTube completed https://youtu.be/8vKIyvrWQMo
Sat Apr 18th 1700 Interactive workshop Virtual com ports Mike Zoom completed
Sun Apr 19th 1600 YouTube webinar Panadapters Steve YouTube completed https://youtu.be/_GCJv00sk70
Fri Apr 24th 1730 HRO Shack Chat SDRplay news  updates Steve HRO FB Group completed https://www.facebook.com/HROHamRadioOutlet/videos/625261778026964/
Sat Apr 25th 1700 Interactive workshop SDRuno EX control panel Mike Zoom completed
Tue Apr 28th 1700 YouTube webinar SBC/Tablets/Android Andy YouTube completed https://youtu.be/UBr00G5mKls
Sat May 2nd 1700 Interactive workshop SDRplay Chat  &WSJT-X intro Steve/Jon Zoom completed
Sun May 3rd 1700 YouTube webinar Using SDRuno with an RTL-SDR dongle Andy YouTube completed https://youtu.be/zqmeoM_gDJ4
Sat May 9th 1700 Interactive workshop SDRuno and DSD decoder basics Mike Zoom completed
Sun May 10th 1700 YouTube webinar USB controllers and SDRplay news Andy YouTube completed https://youtu.be/Or7R0-agGTY
Sat May 16th 1500 SDRplay-awayday All day demos and chat Andy,Jon,Mike,Steve YouTube completed https://youtu.be/nX9hLizPnCU
Sat May 23rd 1630 YouTubers Hamfest SDRplay as guest with Rob, 741 Jon YouTube completed https://youtu.be/e5_q27otE10
Sun May 24th 1700 YouTube webinar SDRuno V1.4 RC & Q&A Andy YouTube completed https://youtu.be/wHT1aSboh0E 
Sat May 30th 1700 Interactive workshop Round Table Q&A Mike Zoom Meeting ID: 879 5673 7821 completed
Sun May 31st 1700 YouTube webinar SDRplay MAC Update & Q&A Steve YouTube completed https://youtu.be/ZmoLys5WzFI
Sun Jun 7th 1700 YouTube webinar Inmarsat, Headless remote & Openweb Andy and Steve YouTube completed https://youtu.be/QeA_XfnTIrA


The YouTube webinars allow people to ask questions live as we are on air using chat.

All times are in UTC

For access to a wide range of video and written help, check out our Apps library: https://sdrplay.com/apps-catalogue/