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Which RSP?

If you’re unsure which RSP is right for you then watch the video below (please note, this video does not mention the new RSP1B introduced in January 2024)

The new RSP1B is very similar to the RSP1A but comes in a metal case.  The RSP1B is a more environmentally friendly option than the RSP1A. The RSP1A is still the best low-cost choice for anyone wanting a well-supported general coverage receiver which in most circumstances performs as well as a more conventional communications radio. Yes, there are performance advantages in the RSP1B (the noticeable improvements over the RSP1A with its improved noise performance below 1MHz and in the 3.5-5.5MHz, 50-60 MHz and 250-320MHz ranges) – and these may be important to some people but not everyone. So the low cost RSP1A will continue as the lowest cost option while we still have stock of the plastic cases.

The RSPdx still has better performance than the RSP1B in most respects, especially with its HDR mode below 2MHz,plus all the other features listed in the comparison chart. the RSPduo remains unique with its dual tuner and Diversity Tuning capability.

Whichever RSP you choose you will be supported by an enthusiastic technical team ready to help, especially if you are a newcomer to SDRs.

And here below, is the comparison chart showing the main features and benefitsoffered by each of the RSP models:

Which RSP?

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