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SDRuno Roadmap

Updated 16th November 2020

Version 1.40.2 of SDRuno® has now been released and is the latest version.  This  goes some way to including the features promised in the previous roadmap update.  The remaining features along with other priority requests are now planned for the next releases as shown below:


  • Improved ini file support (backup/restore)
  • Generic Scheduling Function
  • Ability to create and recall complete receiver profiles – in 1.40.2
  • Save VFO for each VRX – in 1.40.2



  • Remote operation
    • New TCP Server (cross-platform)
    • SDRuno client
  • Start-up tips



  • Memory Panel updates (if blank use current value)
    • RF Gain
    • IF Gain/AGC enable
    • Scanner Threshold
  • Scanner updates
    • Lockouts in a separate file
    • Statistics logging
    • Use memory panel threshold
  • Custom controls
    • SP2 Filter bandwidth
      • Up to max available SP2 bandwidth for RX mode
    • Band buttons
    • Variable band centre
    • Bandwidth from a selectable list



  • Cross Platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux) x86
  • Add Hamlib support for non-Windows platforms
  • GUI update – ability to lock panels together