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SDRuno Roadmap

Updated August 17th 2022

Version 1.42-0817 of SDRuno®  is the latest full production version.  The remaining features along with other priority requests are now planned for the next releases as shown below.
(please note – we don’t publish forecast dates of when these versions will be released to production.)

With SDRuno V1.42, software will be delivered in a more frequent manner than before. There will be more intermediate releases. The trigger for these releases will be either the addition of a new feature, a bug fix or both…

V1.42 build xxxx

where xxxx will be a unique 4 digit number typically based on MMDD.

We want to make it clear that these are NOT beta releases, they will have gone through internal testing, but we want to get the added features and bug fixes out to you rather than waiting for a “final” release to be ready.

The update notifications (if they are turned on) will make you aware of when a release is ready. If you do not want these notifications, the update notifier can be disabled in the main panel OPT menu.

SDRuno V1.42 build 0720

  • Memory Panel Scan speed improved
  • Additional field in the memory panel for scanner threshold
  • Scanner now uses the squelch threshold
  • Start-up tips
  • Scanner statistics logging

SDRuno 1.42 build 0728

Bug fix for the scanner with the RSPduo and improved API installer.

Note: the API 3.09 installer has also been updated to assist those going back from API 3.10

SDRuno 1.42 build 0817

Custom band framing panel

Other SDRuno V1.42 builds remaining

  • Known issues fixed
  • Customisations
    • SP2 filter bandwidths (Up to max available SP2 bandwidth for RX mode)


SDRconnect  V1.0 (previously known as SDRuno V2.0)

  • Cross Platform (MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android)
    • This will support both x86, ARM and the new Mac M1 architecture if practicable
  • New Remote Server (cross platform)
  • Added Hamlib support for non-Windows platforms
  • Graphical User Interface completely rewritten to improve usability
  • Compatibility with RSP1A, RSP2,RSP2pro,RSPdx and RSPduo

SDRuno® and SDRconnect® are registered trade marks of SDRplay LTD.