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Latest SDRuno Version is 1.33 (25th November 2019)

Recent changes:

• RSPdx support. Including the new HDR mode for frequencies lower than 2 MHz
• HDR group to the band buttons (only for hardware supporting HDR mode e.g. RSPdx). Note: All framed bands lower than 2 MHz will use HDR mode when HDR compatible hardware is in use
• Status bar now appears at the bottom of the VRX0 main spectrum panel
• Save Workspace button in the Main Panel
• Step size for DSB mode (default 500 Hz same as LSB/USB)
• ExtIO version of SDRuno (v1.05) added so that installing V1.22 is no longer required
• History of actions is stored in a log file on exit (stored in %appdata%\SDRplay directory)
• Windows Start Menu & SDRuno Main Panel OPT Menu entries to open the Data Directory in an Explorer window (location of the ini and log files)
• OPT Menu entry to open the previous session’s log file in Notepad
• CAT commands updates:
  • SM to return power measurement and SNR
  • SM0; return S-Meter value (range 0 to 20) e.g. SM00011;
  • SM1; return dBm power value as an integer (e.g. SM00066; = -66.0 dBm)
  • SM2; return dBm power value as a float (e.g. SM00668; = -66.8 dBm)
  • SM3; return SNR value as a float (e.g. SM00224; = 22.4 dB)
  • RG; return RF gain state (e.g. RG002; = RF gain state 2)
  • RGnnn; set RF gain state (e.g. RG005; = set RF gain state 5)

• Splash screen now has more details on what is being done during the start-up/shutdown phases
• Keypad buttons now have green “on” state
• TMate main encoder push button now = LO Lock toggle (except in HDR mode)
• Date/Time display moved to the Status bar from the Main Panel
• When the scanner is in operation, the RX control panel is now available to the user except for functions that need to remain locked to prevent interference with the scanner operation. For example, the volume control is now available during scanning
• Gain calibration adjusted when DAB notch enabled (API) – can help military airband scanning
• ADC OVERLOAD status indicator update (see known issues)
• error.log is now SDRuno_#.log (where # is the SDRuno instance number)
• Improved handling of missing folders to store memory banks and wav files

• SP2 window contents not always appearing centred on start-up
• SP2 title plate duplicating when the window was less than a certain width
• Handle decimation > 1 when selecting a memory panel frequency outside of the visible bandwidth
• Decimation dropdown values in Zero-IF mode not always displaying correctly
• Installer not able to install the API service on Windows XP
• RMS S-Meter value used for SNR even when S-Meter is set to Peak mode
• Band button light goes off when manual frequency entered within visible bandwidth
• Add lockout adding extra blank lines to the memory panel
• Selecting IQ OUT mode sent a change to FM command to Omni-Rig
• Scanning Airband (ROW) 8.333 kHz step size rounding error
• Sample rate mismatch issue when closing SDRuno focused on an unused Band button group
• Starting the scanner before opening the scanner config could cause the wrong settings to be used

Known Issues:
• SP2 CWAFC drift issue (Zoom/window size/freq display)
• IF output mode disabled SP1 spectrum mouse clicks
• ADC OVERLOAD may appear “stuck”. If Stop/Play does not clear, close and restart SDRuno
• PWR/SNR to CSV may have missing entries

Release notes for all versions of SDRuno can be found by clicking here

Note: the known issues will be addressed in future versions of SDRuno. The effect of the IF output mode issue, is that you will NOT be able to click on the spectrum to select the tunable frequency with the mouse pointer. You will ONLY be able to either use the mouse scroll wheel (or other scrolling device) or the direct frequency input method.
In downloading this software, you understand and accept that the issues above are temporary and will be addressed in a future release.

The auto update feature will prompt you to update your installation to this latest release. To prevent that message from appearing when you start SDRuno, click on OPT in Main Window and uncheck “Enable Auto Update Check”