Latest SDRuno Version is 1.22

Recent changes:

Log10 SING error
Aero support detection to try to prevent rendering issues
Freezing when switching to HiZ port in gain mode
Gain “pumping” issue when in gain mode
Settings panels not displaying properly when “un-minimised”
Zoomed in frequency drag out of bounds bug
Noise floor measurement bug
Improved RSP error reporting

Registry reset now only clears 1.2+ entries
SP1 Window max size supports 4K displays (3840×2160)
Small improvements to the memory panel (panel width and field width changes)
Improvements to the IF output mode

Support for 1366×768 default layout
ADC overload detection in AGC off mode
ADC overload acknowledgment system to avoid lockout condition
Custom step size for each mode
Band Button Groups (Ham Lower, Ham Upper, Broadcast)
Two additional SP1 width presets (2560 and 3840)
Additional menu option in memory panel to reset column widths (helps when upgrading)
Scheduled Recording
Auto Update

Known Issues:
SP2 CWAFC drift issue (Zoom/window size/freq display)
IF output mode disables SP1 spectrum mouse clicks

Note: the known issues will be addressed in future versions of SDRuno. The effect of the IF output mode issue, is that you will NOT be able to click on the spectrum to select the tunable frequency with the mouse pointer. You will ONLY be able to either use the mouse scroll wheel (or other scrolling device) or the direct frequency input method.
In downloading this software, you understand and accept that the issues above are temporary and will be addressed in a future release.