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The SDRuno Roadmap can be found here and the SDRuno user manual can be found here

The latest status information about the multiplatform SDRconnect software can be found here

If you are new to SDRuno please watch this short video before scrolling down to the Download button

SDRuno® and SDRconnect® are registered trade marks of SDRplay LTD.   

This is the Latest Stable Version of SDRuno (V1.42-1710 - released May 10th 2024)

(Please note that for rig control, SDRuno is not compatible with unofficial Multirig/Omnirig V2.0. Please use the official version of Omnirig V1.2 from dxatlas.com/omnirig/)

(SDRuno and the API are only licensed for use with genuine SDRplay hardware and should not be used with fake or clones of SDRplay hardware/)

Release Notes:
Release notes for all versions of SDRuno can be found by clicking here

Known Issues:
• SP2 CWAFC drift issue (Zoom/window size/freq display)

Note: the known issues will be addressed in future versions of SDRuno. The effect of the IF output mode issue, is that you will NOT be able to click on the spectrum to select the tunable frequency with the mouse pointer. You will ONLY be able to either use the mouse scroll wheel (or other scrolling device) or the direct frequency input method.
In downloading this software, you understand and accept that the issues above are temporary and will be addressed in a future release.

The auto update feature will prompt you to update your installation to this latest release. To prevent that message from appearing when you start SDRuno, click on OPT in Main Window and uncheck “Enable Auto Update Check”

Improved sensitivity for the RSPdx only between 50 – 60 MHz (requires API 3.09/3.10 which is included with the SDRuno install)

The ADS-B plugin can be downloaded from GitHub. Either see our downloads system or go directly to the GitHub area here (click Download on the right hand side once you’re there)

The SDRuno install above contains all of the SDRplay plugins and also the community third party developed plugins. But if you want to download them separately, please use the links below. Please note that SDRplay cannot provide support for any third party developed community plugins.