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SDRplay does not offer a repair service, however, if you have damaged your RSP or it is no longer functioning and out of warranty, here are some repair centres which may be able to help you. Typically they will need to charge an inspection fee prior to providing a quotation for the repair.  

The most common causes of damage are:

  • Transmitting too much RF power in the vicinity of an RSP antenna (resulting in significantly more than the 0dBm (1mW) maximum RF power level appearing at the RSP antenna input)
  • Accidentally providing 12V (or higher voltages) to an antenna or USB socket
  • Leaving an outdoor antenna connected during a powerful electrical storm
  • Reconnecting an antenna without first grounding it following a powerful electrical storm
  • Reconnecting a USB cable following a powerful electrical storm where the antenna remained connected
  • Mechanical damage to the case/connectors

Faults caused by the above conditions are not covered by the SDRplay warranty.

Repair Centres:

Australia – VKradio: https://www.vkradio.com.au/

Germany and Eurozone (Repairs and EU customer returns): Funk 24: email info@funk24.net

Greece – Freebytes – https://www.freebytes.com/catalog/contact_us.php

Italy and Eurozone – HamRadioShop – Contact Sergio at email address: ik8tng@gmail.com

Poland – inRadio: https://www.inradio.pl/aktualnosci/449-sdrplay-repair-center

United Kingdom – CB and Amateur Radio Repairs: https://www.cb-and-amateur-radio-repairs.co.uk/

USA and Canada –Bob Yarbrough, RF-Consultant. Contact Bob at email address: robert@rf-consultant.com

USA – CLH Services, RF Division – Contact Chris at website: https://clhservicesrf.wixsite.com/my-site

Please include the model name and as much detail as possible about the circumstances which may have caused the damage.

If your product is within the warranty period (typically one year from the date of purchase) and you believe the unit has not been damaged in any way, please contact the SDRplay technical support centre by raising a ticket and following the prompts. Go to “Tech Help” on  https://www.sdrplay.com/help/ where our engineers will determine whether we can replace it under warranty either directly or via the retail outlet where it was purchased.