Ismo Kauppi and his DX listener friend, Vesa-Jussi Rinkinen are in Lapland this week on a DXpedition. There is a cabin in the Finnish Lapland, dedicated to DX-listening. More information available here:   The hosting team has installed 13 permanent beverage antennas in the forest, each approximately 1000 meters long to different directions for catching rare medium wave stations around the world. They have several SDRPlay, Perseus and Elad receivers with them accompanied by a number of laptops and over 30TB of hard drive space. With that gear they are able to “record”  the whole MW band around the clock for seven days. When they get back home, they will examine their catch in more detail!

Ismo wrote to us today and told us….. “On Monday we wanted to try something new: We had spotted last year this high tower on the hill nearby, which has been used for observing  possible forest fires in the past. So we took a 5 element Yagi antenna with us this year and decided to scan the FM band as well. So we climbed up there with a RSP2, the Yagi  and a laptop. Our aim was to catch stations from Murmansk in Russia. Murmansk is over 200 kilometers away, but we were able to catch the stations we wanted to. The SDRPlay RSP2 was performing superbly.”

SDRPlay is performing also very well on MW and when I get back home, I will send tens of reception reports heard on SDRPlay!

Today we went out on the lake trying to catch some trout, which they have plenty in the lake nearby. I guess it was too cold already and therefore we got none today 🙁

Greetings from the Finnish Lapland!

Ismo and Vesku