Over on The SWLing post,   a self-proclaimed “oldster” who prefers knobs and switches, tries out an SDR for the first time – the RSPdx  – and he writes: “To use a metaphor, if you conceive of a conventional shortwave receiver as treasure map which you use to search for hidden on-the-air treasures, the RSPdx is like ground-penetrating radar. Instead of seeking active stations by tuning across the spectrum, you can see all the active signals in a band displayed as peaks. Just use your cursor to float the indicator line over the peak you want, click, and you’re there. Move your cursor to another peak, click, and you’re there. It’s quick and easy, slick and fast, and the audio coming through my headphones was very, very satisfactory.


To read the full review, go to: https://swling.com/blog/2023/02/a-knobs-and-switches-oldster-investigates-the-sdrplay-rspdx-wow/