I have reposted this blog item from a few weeks ago because John Fallows, the author of the “Making it up” blog has added a new update with additional information and Q&As raised by interested users who contacted him – see his new article, posted today – here:  https://play.fallows.ca/wp/radio/shortwave-radio/how-to-do-sdrplay-speech-translation/

——————-original blog post from September 28th 2022 follows—————————————————————–

Now here’s something really cool, posted by John Fallows, the author of the “Making it up” blog   – it’s a video showing you how to have automatic voice translation for  signals using SDRuno.   In the video, John explains how to connect the audio from SDRuno into a language translation app running in an Android emulator on the same machine.  The end result is stunning and you get to to see the translated text as well as to hear the translated speech using the latest from either Google or Microsoft voice synthesis technology.

This makes it much easier to monitor and understand foreign broadcasts which may not be readily available over the internet.  I have yet to experiment with amateur radio SSB speech but this could be a great way of finding out what other cultures are discussing, especially during times of crisis.