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SDRplay is pleased to announce the arrival of  a new product – the RSP1B, an enhanced version of the RSP1A .

The key additional benefits of the RSP1B vs the RSP1A are:

  1. It is housed in a strong black painted steel case.
  2. It has significantly improved noise performance below 1MHz (i.e for MF, LF and below), and in the 50-60 MHz region. There are also noticeable noise improvements in the 3.5-5.5MHz and 250-320MHz spectrum.
  3. It has improved signal handling at HF frequencies.

This video demonstrates the enhanced noise performance at LF frequencies:


The suggested retail price is £105.80 GBP (excluding VAT) or €126.96 EUR (excluding tax).  UK prices will be around £127 including VAT.