The cost of wirelessly connecting IoT devices continues to fall rapidly thanks to the fact that Moore’s Law is still just about alive and well.  This means integrating more and more smart sensors to some form of low bit-rate wireless connectivity as offered by the likes of Sigfox, Weightless or LoRaWAN  technologies continues to be a popular quest.  This in turn means new and interesting challenges for network developers and OEMs.   Network coverage, especially where ‘fire and forget’ or ‘best endeavor’ techniques are used,  becomes increasingly important.

Thus the availability of low cost and reasonably accurate RF power measurement equipment is needed in the field, to allow remote monitoring prior to full deployment.  As well as designing reliable antenna and transmission systems, there is also the need to analyze and indeed identify sources of interference within the spectrum allocated for the operation of such IoT networks.    On both these fronts the RSP2 works very well as demonstrated in this video: